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What To See When Walking The Saltcoats Town Trail

The Saltcoats Town Trail is truly a wonder unto itself. Letting you see many historical landmarks as well as modern day buildings and businesses, the trail is a loop that one can walk around the main part of the town area. Walking the trail will take you back in time and let you experience the laid back attitude that many Saltcoats inhabitants enjoyed and pretty much still do.

Most start their trek on the Saltcoats Town Trail at the Saltcoats Railway Station. Immediately you will start to see such historic buildings as the Town House, which was built in 1826. There are many old houses you will come across as you steadily make your way down the street. You will soon find yourself at the house of the famous Captain Betsy Miller, who was a note-worthy sea captain. She passed away in the year 1864 and it was said that she might have been the only woman sea captain that actually sailed.

Such places as The Grange Hotel and The Windy-ha are both aging, fine hotels and can be seen on the trail. The Saltcoats Free Church can be seen close by and it served as the Free Church Academy for students. Sights such as The Braes, which is located by the shipbuilding yards and Saltpans, can be seen. There is also a creek nearby that many smugglers used many years ago when smuggling in their tobacco, whiskey rum and other contraband. You will have no problem envisioning a time, as the atmosphere hangs heavy, when illegal wares were smuggled and pedaled through the streets.

On the trail you will find North Aryshire Museum, which house many relics of years past and times almost forgotten. Your trek along the Saltcoats Town Trail will end at Landsborough and Trinity Church and will put you back where you began. The streets are colorfully lined and dotted with gorgeous planting of flowers and perfectly manicured lawns and yards. As you explore the Saltcoats Town Trail, the quaint old world feel grabs you. There are many new buildings and businesses that have taken up residence and offer a dose of modern day as well.

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  1. syd Hamilton says:

    will be at Saltcoats on 18th Aug this year for 2 weeks looking forward to my return home after 55 years ta


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