» Featured Just another WordPress weblog Mon, 02 Nov 2009 09:43:53 +0000 en hourly 1 Lifetime Achievement community Award for Les McCammont Mon, 02 Nov 2009 09:43:53 +0000 admin Saltcoats’ very own Leslie McCammont received a lifetime achievement award at the West Sound and West FM Community Awards.

He was presented with his award by Alastiar Crabb of Scotia Double Glazing (the sponsors of the event) at a gala awards ceremony held at Ayr Racecourse. He had been nominated by his local community for his work with the local Air Training Corps, for which he has been working for over 45 years.

Les is currently the Commanding Officer of 1138 (Ardrossan) Squadron and holds the rank of Flight Lieutenant. He works everyday to encourage and inspire young people of the community to get off the streets and develop their interests and skills in sports, discipline, aviation, in order to build self-respect for themselves and do something for the benefit of the community.

His contribution to his community can perhaps be best judged from this glowing tribute that one of his nominations gave him:

“Over the years Les has not only juggled his time working for the Air Training Corps but has also served our community as a Fire Fighter, Special Constable and more recently the Chieftain of the Ardrossan Highland Games jointly with his twin brother, Tom. Within the cadets, Les has given youngsters a chance to be something when others may have thought they were not worth bothering about. He has an ability to see the good and potential in others and to push them into being all they can be… Les should have retired from service within the Air cadets nearly five years ago but has continued to extend his service, despite ill health, to further serve both the Air Training Corps and our local community. Without a doubt, if Les had not participated as fully within our community, many young people would not have gained the experience, knowledge and confidence to reach their goals.”

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Getting To Know The Three Towns Sun, 23 Aug 2009 15:20:15 +0000 admin The Three Towns known as Saltcoats, Stevenson and Ardrossan, are situated around the beautiful, beachy bay of Brodick. They are found just to the North West of the area of Kilwinning. Each town offer up an array of historic landmarks, shopping strips and lots of things to do and see and they are all conveniently located close to the Isle of Arran.

Each town is known specifically for its contribution to the community. Ardrossan is geared more towards a relaxed and laid back feel for its townspeople and visitors. The Saltcoats area is more shopping and tourism oriented and Stevenson is more about the growth of business and the importance of living healthy. All have areas and places to attribute to the old world charm and feel, but also have the lure of modern day conveniences and townships.

The town of Ardrossan is home to the Ardrossan Castle. Today, the castle lies in ruins and pretty much all of it is gone, save for a part of the North Tower. It has given up many of its masonry stones to Oliver Cromwell, which in turn was used to aid in the building of a citadel. The town of Ardrossan is located inn an area of land that boasts of incredible natural beauty and awe-inspiring scenery and views.

Both the Saltcoats and Stevenson areas offer up their heritage and communities dedicated to preserving their towns past and also welcoming guests and visitors to their growing future. Museums and churches dot the areas of Saltcoats and Stevenson, as well as shopping complexes and entertainment that is found in many seafronts of today. One can easily find entertainment galore for any age in both areas. Saltcoats, is known mainly for it’s Town Trail that takes visitors and locals alike, on a trek throughout the town. A dynamite factory, built by Alfred Nobel, is also located in the town.

Saltcoats is an area that is permeated with historic and old world values. The heritage of this town is one steeped rich with contraband smugglers of years long past. The many landmarks found here, as well as the town’s streets and homes, present visitors with the feeling of stepping back in time. All three towns have much to offer to its permanent residents and guests.

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The Famous Eglington Country Park Sun, 23 Aug 2009 15:11:10 +0000 admin Just east of Saltcoats, on the outskirts of the picturesque town of Kilwinning, is the enchanting world that surrounds you when you enter Eglinton Country Park. Trails for horses, bicycles and pedestrians wind through the property. These trails take you through woodlands, along rivers and streams, and fields exposing you to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Changing seasons bring new delights to the environment and you may never tire of visiting this delightful park.

Eglinton Country Park is a spectacular place located on the old Eglinton Castle estate. The park occupies a huge parcel of land totaling 988 acre. Close to two hundred acres alone is prime woodland and provides a great area for bird and wildlife watching. In the heart of the park is the old Eglinton Castle and estate that once belonged to the Eglinton family.

Nestled among its acreage, is the gorgeous Clement Wilson Gardens. These gardens are an ideal spot to have an intimate picnic or leisurely stroll with the family. There are children designated play areas and no one is at a loss for parking. If you are wondering where everything is located within the park, you can easily find it by visiting the visitor center. At the visitor center you will also find an exhibit that tells the story of Eglinton Country Park’s history. For those wishing to buy a souvenir to remember their visit to the park by or other novelty items, the park houses a gift shop that should meet your needs.

A restaurant, the Tournament Cafe, is located on site and allows you to purchase, food, drinks and any other supplies that may be needed. Eglinton Country Park and its facilities are handicapped equipped and loans out wheelchairs and other items that may be needed for handicap individuals. For anyone wishing to extend the visit beyond a day trip, there is also a cottage that can be rented any time of the year. Campsites with overnight facilities can be rented for a small fee.

The ranger service offers guided treks through the park and last anywhere from one to two hours. Throughout the year, Eglinton Country Park is home to many events and celebrations. Although the park is fully functional all year round, the visitor center is only open from the beginning of Easter until late October. Many groups and school children visit the park annual as a field trip and to gather a learning experience. If the weather turns inclement, there are covered shelters for visitors to seek refuge in. In addition to the outside play areas for children, there are also inside play areas so children can be occupied if they are forced inside by the weather.

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What To See When Walking The Saltcoats Town Trail Sun, 23 Aug 2009 15:05:30 +0000 admin The Saltcoats Town Trail is truly a wonder unto itself. Letting you see many historical landmarks as well as modern day buildings and businesses, the trail is a loop that one can walk around the main part of the town area. Walking the trail will take you back in time and let you experience the laid back attitude that many Saltcoats inhabitants enjoyed and pretty much still do.

Most start their trek on the Saltcoats Town Trail at the Saltcoats Railway Station. Immediately you will start to see such historic buildings as the Town House, which was built in 1826. There are many old houses you will come across as you steadily make your way down the street. You will soon find yourself at the house of the famous Captain Betsy Miller, who was a note-worthy sea captain. She passed away in the year 1864 and it was said that she might have been the only woman sea captain that actually sailed.

Such places as The Grange Hotel and The Windy-ha are both aging, fine hotels and can be seen on the trail. The Saltcoats Free Church can be seen close by and it served as the Free Church Academy for students. Sights such as The Braes, which is located by the shipbuilding yards and Saltpans, can be seen. There is also a creek nearby that many smugglers used many years ago when smuggling in their tobacco, whiskey rum and other contraband. You will have no problem envisioning a time, as the atmosphere hangs heavy, when illegal wares were smuggled and pedaled through the streets.

On the trail you will find North Aryshire Museum, which house many relics of years past and times almost forgotten. Your trek along the Saltcoats Town Trail will end at Landsborough and Trinity Church and will put you back where you began. The streets are colorfully lined and dotted with gorgeous planting of flowers and perfectly manicured lawns and yards. As you explore the Saltcoats Town Trail, the quaint old world feel grabs you. There are many new buildings and businesses that have taken up residence and offer a dose of modern day as well.

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