» Saltcoats History Just another WordPress weblog Mon, 02 Nov 2009 09:43:53 +0000 en hourly 1 Getting To Know The Three Towns Sun, 23 Aug 2009 15:20:15 +0000 admin The Three Towns known as Saltcoats, Stevenson and Ardrossan, are situated around the beautiful, beachy bay of Brodick. They are found just to the North West of the area of Kilwinning. Each town offer up an array of historic landmarks, shopping strips and lots of things to do and see and they are all conveniently located close to the Isle of Arran.

Each town is known specifically for its contribution to the community. Ardrossan is geared more towards a relaxed and laid back feel for its townspeople and visitors. The Saltcoats area is more shopping and tourism oriented and Stevenson is more about the growth of business and the importance of living healthy. All have areas and places to attribute to the old world charm and feel, but also have the lure of modern day conveniences and townships.

The town of Ardrossan is home to the Ardrossan Castle. Today, the castle lies in ruins and pretty much all of it is gone, save for a part of the North Tower. It has given up many of its masonry stones to Oliver Cromwell, which in turn was used to aid in the building of a citadel. The town of Ardrossan is located inn an area of land that boasts of incredible natural beauty and awe-inspiring scenery and views.

Both the Saltcoats and Stevenson areas offer up their heritage and communities dedicated to preserving their towns past and also welcoming guests and visitors to their growing future. Museums and churches dot the areas of Saltcoats and Stevenson, as well as shopping complexes and entertainment that is found in many seafronts of today. One can easily find entertainment galore for any age in both areas. Saltcoats, is known mainly for it’s Town Trail that takes visitors and locals alike, on a trek throughout the town. A dynamite factory, built by Alfred Nobel, is also located in the town.

Saltcoats is an area that is permeated with historic and old world values. The heritage of this town is one steeped rich with contraband smugglers of years long past. The many landmarks found here, as well as the town’s streets and homes, present visitors with the feeling of stepping back in time. All three towns have much to offer to its permanent residents and guests.

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The History of Saltcoats Scotland Fri, 21 Aug 2009 01:13:55 +0000 admin The history of Saltcoats in Scotland is one of an ancient small town, settling its inhabitants as they all try to make their way with various livelihoods. The area known as Saltcoats is a sea-faring port. Around 170 years or so ago, the town had few settlers and the ones that were there started the name Salt-cots. This was due to their humble, small cots or cottages in which they lived and worked, salt making in kettles. The salt was made for a various number of reasons, one was it was used to cure and preserve fish that had been caught.

The people who live there, then and now, have always been a trade-laden town. Whether it was salt, coal or weaving then, or todays importing timber and exporting coal, trades seem to be what has predominantly been dealt with. There are a great number of people who work as weavers though agents and there are also dairy and agriculture farmers as well. The production of dairy products, wheat, oats and potatoes are considered quite a valuable commodity.

The town of Saltcoats is one that is alive with inhabitants that have been living there a very long time. Ancient streets lay claim to some of the oldest homes and buildings that have seen their share of many transitions and even tobacco, rum and whiskey smugglers. The streets are lined with old shops, office, churches and such. A great relaxing, lazy day of strolling around the small and meek town makes for an enjoyable, and educational, experience. Discoveries lie around every corner and there is much to be learned of the town’s past and people. Walking around Saltcoats you will notice that much of the concrete has different color variations, this is due to the salt crystals

Churches are abundant and line the streets, very much a part of Saltcoats past. Catholic churches and parishes are found quite frequently throughout the small sea-faring town. One church has even opened its doors today as a museum. It houses many local relics of the past. There were also a variety of craftsman within the small town such as blacksmiths, boot and shoemakers, makers of fine linen, wool and stonemasons. Watch and clock makers inhabit Saltcoats as well.

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